Annual Extravaganza


Join us for an annual celebration when FUSION:Bangor bestows awards to those who have helped further our mission:

FUSION:Bangor is a network of young residents committed to the growth of the greater Bangor region as the premiere place to live, work, and play.

Tickets: $35 per person

Our Awards


Congratulations, Bangor savings bank!

Award sponsored by:
City of Bangor

FUSION:Bangor’s signature and most prestigious award will recognize an individual, organization or business that promotes the common good of young people in the greater Bangor Region. Recipients of this award are those who inspire young professionals to reach their greatest personal and professional potential while making an impact on the quality of life in our community.

Past Award Winners:
2012 - George Kinghorn
2013 - Ben Sprague, Bangor City Council
2014 - Darlings
2015 - Geaghan's Pub & Craft Brewery
2016 - Kerrie Tripp


Congratulations, The Briar Patch!

Award sponsored by:
Rudman Winchell

FUSION:Bangor is Downtown Proud, and we’re recognizing an individual, organization or business that shares downtown pride and helps to contribute to the wealth and health of a downtown community in the Bangor Region. This person, organization or business is one that promotes and advocates for downtown vitality and attractiveness and works with or in the community to develop our downtowns.

Past Award Winners:
2012 - Central Street Farmhouse
2013 - 11 Central
2014 - Annette Sohns Dodd
2015 - Jamie Ballinger
2016 - Mason’s


Congratulations, Covort!

Award sponsored by:

Innovation is key to the growth of our region, and this award recognizes an individual or group whose innovative and creative work has impacted the Bangor Region over the last year. This is a person or group who has organized or enacted an identifiable project, group, or campaign that has positively affected the Bangor Region.

Past Award Winners:
2012 - Eric Mihan, Bangor Wine & Cheese
2013 - Garrett Wilkin, Maine Hacker Club
2014 - Andrea Beaulieu, Studio Linear
2015 - Bangor Police Dept
2016 - Waterfront Concerts


Congratulations, Hero's!

Award sponsored by:
Bangor Federal Credit Union

The BFCU MVP (Most Valuable Partner) award is presented to an organization that provides the greater Bangor region and FUSION:Bangor Sports with stability and contribution to our sports leagues. This nominee goes above and beyond supporting our leagues to assist in the development of being the premier region to live, work, and play. This nominee is not simply a one-time partner, but one that has repeatedly seen value in sports activities within FUSION and the greater Bangor area.